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Dear Bobby

A message I received through my website the other day:

From: Celebrate A New Life<‘‘>
Date: Mar 5, 2015, 1:05:18 AM
Subject: Celebrate A New Life

From: Celebrate A New Life <>
Subject: Celebrate A New LifeMessage Body:
you may feel you are facing an impossible situation, but the bible says, “God… is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of, infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires thoughts, or hopes.” Eph. 3:20 We are here to help you, help you help yourself.

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My reply, sent today:

Dear Bobby,

There are indeed days when the task before me seems impossible. And yet I do not despair, and I have received your note in the warm spirit of collegial friendship and encouragement. For we are working alongside each other for good and in service of the spirit that lives in us all and desires to be beautifully expressed in every human life! The very creation, what you may call God’s perfect gift to us his children, longs for us to express that holy spark he has placed inside of each of us.  “The Air is longing to hold your music, but you’ve got to take it and shape it it’s your choice.” trk1 min2:30


Though we may find ourselves stuck and hopeless, repeating injurious patterns imprinted by past wounds, unable to find voice or vision to move forward, listening in despair to the static that drowns out the holy call to action, and helplessly we continue, “doing all the things I do on all the days when I don’t hear from you… and I wonder when waiting ceases…” trk10 min0:31


Yet it is for each of us to realize and to choose that we must express this spark and journey to find it’s call. We must labor to embody it’s truest expression in this world, to reflect holy love in our lives, our work, our words, and to climb the arduous path of truth and walk in the light of steadfast faith in that spark. Though this path will lead us through trials and dark times, it is only through meeting these challenges that we may effect true transformation and realize that holy blueprint we each carry.  “In the mountain’s shady thigh, each step stranger grew I. On the mountain’s dizzy heights, I brought my old ways to die.” Trk7 min2:07


And yet we need not fear as we undertake this journey, though it will surely shake us to our bones– may indeed prove too much to be borne– for we shall be returned to the bossom of creation from whence we arose, each of us a mere crest of the eternally undulating wave of holy love that is creation. We are but flakes of snow which “cling to the trees, then fall in the slightest breeze/ one moment in the sun, bright, shining, then gone. But for that moment in the sun we were born.” Trk9 min0:21


I am here to be a servant to those whom life has prepared to receive this message of transformative love and good news, may their steps be gently guided to find this place– as your steps were guided here along that divine blueprint– may their ears and hearts be opened to this music, may they find comfort and courage in this message, may they purchase this album.
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