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A Wintry Mix(tape) for you!

November’s tour was a new high for me. There were so many nights where that magical web was spun around us in the rooms I got to play in and we travelled together on this very special journey– the nights that remind you exactly what the goal is. It’s so simple when it happens. But the cream-cheese frosting on that carrot cake was that and I got to hear so much great music night after night!! It seemed like everywhere I went, whether there were eighty or eight people at the show, I had another artist to share the stage with who just totally brought it. And if you’re not from the towns these guys are in, you probably haven’t had much chance to hear them. SO!!!  I made a mixtape. These are some of the gorgeous souls I got to share time with this past month, and these are songs of theirs that I’ve been humming and singing to myself all month while driving around. Check em out! You’re gonna find something you love in here, I’m very sure —                                                 (click on the picture)

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And so you can find them (by track order):

Karlie Bruce & Chris Parrello (my tourmates for the first week! Two of the warmest people I know, but onstage they’re a smoldering cold-fusion powerplant. Love you guys.)

Clara Berry — Portsmouth, NH (rocks the piano, sings her ass off, songs make you think and make you move. Anything else you need?)

Wesley Moore — Muncie, IN (These songs are just honest, straight up, real. I got to hang with Wes’ whole family, which should’ve been super weird, cause we don’t even really know each other, but it was all just like– “of course there’s no bullshit in this guy’s songs, and of course these are his people.”)

Zack Miles — Knoxville, TN (we actually just met at an open mic, but we ended up playing songs together in the rain for a couple hours afterward and then I played his CD on repeat for the next couple hundred miles.)

Liv Carrow — Hudson, NY (It was the first night of tour when Liv played with us in Kingston. Every time she sang I wanted to cry, then every time she spoke she made me laugh again. Later she taught me a lot about fermentation.)

Searra Gisondo — Asheville, NC (Searra is the keys to the city both times I’ve been to Asheville to play. So fun to collaborate, such a thoughtful songwriter! We’ve twice shared the 700-mile drive back to NYC twice now, and I’ll also tell you that we recorded her track at my studio last week!)

Morgan Erina — Pittsburgh, PA (we met by chance last summer when I played in a Pittsburgh deli at 4pm, and after we finished talking a guy from another band pulled me aside and was like “you don’t know who you were just talking to, you need to hear her music!” And he was right! Morgan’s stuff is straight down your throat strong, no punches pulled. Chilling and beautiful. Watch out!)

The Bell Cycle — (Old NYC friends and frequent collaborators in a variety of spaces, Isabel and Rob are currently operating out of Durham, NC. I love hearing them play these songs. They will transport you and convert you.)

Neil Holyoak — Montreal, QC (everything about Neil seemed to float like he was just barely there or could disappear at any moment, and the songs are just that delicate and beautiful.)

Jasmin Kaset — Nashville, TN (I wish I could just make you listen to her whole record. It is really really good. For real, though, you should listen to her whole record. A bunch of times.)

Geraldine Eguiluz — Montreal, QC (This woman makes magic happen every time she opens her mouth to sing– and I mean the kind of magic where all the forks in the place float up into the air and clack a clave and then  you find a baby dove in your ear.)

Oh yeah, I put a song on there too– the wintriest of the Bitterroot songs!!

That’s the whole crew!

Merry Christmas and enjoy the tape!!





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