Growing Song Music Video

Growing Song Video

The summer after I was in 8th Grade, my family took a trip to Montana to visit my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins in the Bitterroot Valley. It was the week of the Ravalli County Fair, and I spent a couple days hanging out with my cousins and their friends, running around the fair just being teenage knuckleheads.
I was an awkward misfit of a kid, and not accustomed to fitting in anywhere, but we had a great time, and there was a girl who spent a lot of time hanging with my sister and me and on the last day she said,  “Give me your address and I’ll write you a letter.”
We wrote letters back and forth for the rest of high school and remained friends after I moved to New York. She became a visual artist and ‘zine publisher. I started traveling around with my fiddle. We eventually collaborated on my Glorious Sunshine EP, for which she created gorgeous artwork.  And now twenty years later… we’ve made a music video!

This song is all about the invisible lines of connection that bind us together across time and distance, and I wrote it for Katie (aka ladypajama) when she and her husband were expecting their son, so I’m thrilled that now a couple years later she and her sweet little boy could star in the video!
Great thanks are also due to Skye Grace Bennett and Josh Wagner, who directed and shot the piece, and to Ned Stressen-Reuter whose brilliant eye and steady hand brought the whole thing together on the editing table.

So enjoy, and please help us spread the word by sharing, tweeting, or emailing it along to some of the beautiful people you find your life tied to!

warmly yours,

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  • photo by Sebnem Tasci
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